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HRCE Catchment Recreation and Partnerships

Halifax Regional Centre for Education Sport Animator position for five years. Responsible for building partnerships to break barriers to recreation for school aged kids (inside of school) and community as a whole.

For five years I worked with the Halifax Regional Centre for Education (previously known as the Halifax Regional School Board) - I held one position that was shared between two different programs at the Centre. I gained much of my multi-tasking skills doing two different job duties - under two different facilitators. My role was responsible for community engagement (in the schools and out in the communities) to identify barriers that limit access to recreation (cost, location, culture, needs, etc.) and work with partners that I created relationships with to remove those barriers.

My position covered the whole of HRM (all the public schools from pre-primary to grade twelve), giving me a large responsibility of a budget that needed to be manage equitably. I worked with various community groups, committees, and advocates to take on the shared responsibility of providing recreation to everyone.

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