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Boards and Committees

This section contains a list of committees and boards that I was a member of in the past and current positions I am holding.

Recreation Access for Newcomers (RAN) Committee: A founding member of the committee as a representative for HRCE, in partnership with the province, city, Halifax, Rec, ISANS, YMCA Immigration, and Newcomer led programs. The was in Syria led many to seek refugee status and settlement in Canada - a large number of Newcomers arrived in Nova Scotia. Recreation in Canada is different than recreation in other parts of the world, it was our job to listen to Newcomers and provide resources and access so they can recieve the benefits of recreation (socializing, identity, part of being, assisting with being part of the Canadian community) here in Canada. I was elected co-chair and supported the evolution of the committee as the needs of Newcomers changed. This position led to the Dalhousie University partnership for the Newcomer Recreation Navigators project.

Halifax Active Living Alliance (formerly Stepping Up): A partnership between HRCE, Public Health, and Sport NS - our goal was to gather research that would inform a higher board (consisting of eleven different bodies) on decision making that evolves Nova Scotia's recreation policies and mandates.

Bike Week: Part of my role as the Sport Animator with HRCE, I worked with Recreation NS and the Halifax Biking Coalition to organize bike weeks during the Spring in schools. I managed a budget that schools can access grants from to organize their events, award prizes, and fulfill needs thats schools have to successfully enhance active transportation to school (purchasing bike racks, helmets, etc.), and work with local government.

Chebucto Community Health Board: Elected as a member in September 2022 and in current holding, now elected as co-chair. We work with community and the Nova Scotia Health Authority to mediate information between the two, identify needs, support organizations, and raise awareness of health initiatives.

Provincial Electoral District Association: Sitting as a Director of Communications and Engagement I am responsible for online presence, event management/facilitator, engagement of community, and vote holder. The association works in part as a mediator between government messaging to community and community/organization needs to the government.

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