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Pain and Injury
Rehabilitation Clinic

Private clinic where public can access services to rehabilitate chronic pain, and overcome injuries so they can get back to succeeding at what they love.

Online Programs

Online fitness and health programs to help you achieve your goals at home.

Manual Therapy Practitioner


DC Boudreau RMT


DC has been practising massage therapy for 13 years, as well as personal training for 11 years. DC specializes in stretch therapy through incorporating Tai techniques into the massage treatments. Manual Therapy involves the use of different tools to treat a client, addressing the cause of pain. Focusing on treating the cause of pain, clients go longer period of times with out recurrence.


  • New Client 1h Massage Therapy - $75.00

  • 1h Massage Therapy - $90.00

  • 1.5 Hour Muscle Manipulation Massage - $130.00

  • 1h Personal Training - $40.00

  • 2h Massage Therapy and Personal Training - $110.00


  • Total Body Work $150.00 (Value $210.00)

    • 1 Hour Massage Therapy Session

    • 1 Hour Floor Stretching Session

    • 1 Hour Fitness/Personal Training Session

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