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When looking at something from a different perspective - don't think outside the box... think there is no box! This is how clients and projects are approached at Boudreau Business Inc., there is no box that anything is in to be limited to.


DC Boudreau

Boudreau Business Clinic Operator

Dustin grew up in Fort McMurrary, AB, where he had first hand experience being an at-risk youth. For this reason, he has developed a passion for helping youth and individuals overcome obstacles so they can have a more successful life. Graduating from ICT Northumberland for Massage Therapy in 2010, and Personal Training in 2012, Dustin devoted his career to helping people overcome pain and reach health goals.

Dustin has served on many committees that focused on community engagement, development, and breaking barriers to improve access to recreation including Recreation Access for Newcomers, and Halifax Active Living Alliance.

Dustin does not engage in politics directly, and sees himself as non-partisan, but he does do contract work for local candidates when core values align with his own. Currently Dustin is doing contract work as the Chief Digital Strategist for a federal candidate.

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